Hancock Permaculture Pure Catskills Lucky Dog Course

Hancock Permaculture Design Course

Spring 2014 – begins June.

CONTACT: Andrew Leslie Phillips



Hancock Permaculture Center

HAMDEN, NEW YORK: To be held at

Lucky Dog Farm, Hamden N.Y. With additional field visits to

local regional farms and homesteads. Five weekends over five months – June thru October – miss one, make it up later. Graduates receive the official permaculture design certificate which enables you to teach permaculture.

Lucky Dog Farm is a working organic farm, catering business, farm store, food hub, three hours from NYC in the picturesque northern Catcalls. Accommodation available at Lucky Dog’s Hamden Inn. Camping also available. Contact: hollyway@gmail.com

Special guest lecturers:

  • Wes Gillingham, Project Director, Catskills Mountain Keeper, the north-east’s leading antifracking organization.
  • Laurie Schoeman, founder Intervention Green addresses climate change and city planning. Laurie works on climate change and sustainability issues with government agencies in NYC.


Andrew Leslie Phillips

: Hancock Permaculture Center;. Studied with Geoff Lawton and Bill

Mollison and known for his approachable teaching style.

Maria Grimaldi:

Degree in Environmental Psychology and diversified background teaching gardening, farming, plant science, cooking with New York Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Botanic, Garden, Cornell Cooperative Extension, NOFA-NY and Sullivan County Community College



Kyle T. Murray

 Catskill Mountain native brings youthful energy to this group. Studied with Andrew

Leslie Phillips, Hancock Permaculture Center, Albert Bates and Christopher Nesbitt at Maya

Mountain Research Farm, Belize. Alumni Paul Smiths College of the Adirondacks. Skills and project experience include Land Surveying and Forestry, Arboriculture, Watershed Management, and Natural Building

Erika Medina:

Certified Master Gardener and Naturalist. She lives in an off-grid homestead where she runs a small CSA, raises bees, chickens, heritage ducks and turkeys. She and her husband own and operate

One Earth Energy, a renewable energy design and installation company,

Dr Nancy Eos:

Family & holistic medical doctor, attorney. Studied with Dave Jacke (i2008).

Graduate of first Financial Permaculture course, Hohenwald, TN. Active with Transition Towns

Sullivan and Transition Towns Delaware – localized credit cards, stock exchanges, time dollar

enterprises, business funding, Think Local First campaigns.


: Five modules over five months – first weekends May thru September.


: Hamden N.Y., northern Catskills. Three hours from NYC. DIRECTIONS


: $220 per weekend with five organic meals.


: $440 covers two sessions and ensures a place in this course.

Send check and register:

Hancock Permaculture Center

372 West Front Street Hancock NY 13783



More course details at:


“Care of Earth. Care of people. Return of surplus to both.”

Orange Environment Offers Permaculture Course 2014 in Sullivan and Orange Counties

Orange Environmental dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting ecological integrity in the communities of Orange County, NY, is offering a Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) training program again starting in March 15 through  July 26, 2014

Permaculture Design is an innovative practice for growing food, producing energy, and providing shelter that builds community and promotes sustainability. Permaculture creates  productive gardens, builds healthy soils, harvests water, restores damaged environments, reduces fossil fuel consumption, and saves energy.

Classes will meet at Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in Chester , Warwick and Liberty NY, providing hands-on workshops and on-site study.

Instructors include:  Permaculture Design educators

  • Ethan Roland, a permaculture designer, teacher and researcher based in the Hudson valley who studies and practice regenerative design around the world, from forests of Kazakhstan to the ecosystems of Thailand
  • Maria Grimaldi, a permaculture designer with diversified background in teaching gardening, farming, plant science at the NY Botanical Gardens,  Cornell Cooperative Extension, NOFA-NY and Sullivan County Community College. Maria was a community organizer involved in spearheading the Urban Gardening Movement
  • Andrew Leslie Phillips,a journalist and permaculture practioner and the founder of Hancock Permaculture Center. Andrew studied permaculture with founder Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton in Australia.
  • Connor Stedman, an ecological designer, agroforester, and naturalist based in southern Vermont and western Massachusette. He currently serve as Executive Director of Vermont Wilderness School and is co-organizer of the internationally recognized Carbon Farming Course.
  • Barbara Taylor Laino, a creator of Midsummer Farm, a Certified Organic CSA farm where she practices permaculture and biodynamic principles. Barbara has diversified teaching experience in holistic health, herbal apothecary, making home made dog and cat food and sustainable and artisanal farming and gardening.

Classes will meet twice a month on Saturdays for a total of 10 class days from 9am to 5pm. Participants who attend all sessions and fulfill the requirements of the course will receive Permaculture Design Certification. 

  •  3/15 Permaculture design principles and concepts 3/29
  • Nature pattern understanding and use
  • 4/12 Climate factors and landscape effects
  • 4/26 Soil and Water conservation
  • 5/24 Field trip 5/25 Composting, recycling, waste management. Rain catchment and rain gardens.
  • 6/14 Garden design for sustainable development Mushrooms cultivation, annual and Perennials , trees and agroforestry
  • 6/28 Sustainable communities , natural building Transition towns and act on permaculture
  • 7/12 Earthworking and Earth Resource 7/26 Carbon farming, financial permaculture and Regenerative enterprise development. 

Tuition for the course is $790. If you bring another registrant to the course you will both receive a 10% discount. Register today! Deposit $190 to reserve your seats by Feb 1, 2014.Tuition must be received by March 15th 2014 Installment plan and internship available , please call for details.

For more information about the course and other payment options please contact Peter Lai, PDC Program Director, at 845-313-4246, or by email at PeterL@frontiernet.net . To register for the course go to the Orange Environment website: www.orangeenvironment.org

Registration is Open for the 2013 Permaculture Design Course Catskill Delaware Region

mandela garden at the cutting garden

Join us again this year for 5 weekends  April-August to learn Permaculture Design and become certified as a Permacultue Designer and Teacher.

Check out our 2013 Permaculture Design Course  page to register now. Classes start April 6 2013

The Town That Food Saved Book Discussion Oct. 30 2012

“The Town That Food Saved”

Thought Provoking Book Discussion

Tuesday, October *30*, 6:00 p.m.

ON THE HEELS OF THE LOCAVORE CHALLENGE, which promoted eating locally grown and produced food, gather with us to discuss a  stimulating book on the subject, “The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food” by Ben Hewitt (Rodale Press, 2009) and explore what might work here. The book takes an inquisitive peek behind the curtain of a town dubbed “the Silicon Valley of local food,” Hardwick, Vermont (pop. 3,200)  that jump-started its economy with a stunning number of food-based businesses built by entrepreneurs supporting each other in a variety of ways.

Book discussion participants can purchase the book at Morgan Outdoors for the discounted price of $19.95 and $17.95 for NOFA-NY members. Books may also be borrowed from the library. Participants are welcome to bring a light local refreshment to share. Beverages will be provided.

Hosted by Maria Grimaldi, Catskill Hudson Regional Rep, NOFA-NY  and  Morgan Outdoors. Co-sponsored by the Livingston Manor Library.

To RSVP and for more information, call Lisa Lyons at  845/439 5507 or email info@morgan-outdoors.com.

Morgan Outdoors, 46 Main Street, Livingston Manor




 Come learn about the health benefits of raw milk and cultured dairy. 

A workshop in making yogurt, kefir, and butter. 

Learn about local, raw milk regulations.

Explore local sources of cow and goat milk.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

12:30-3:30 pm

Hills Country Inn
6 Hills Resort Road
Callicoon Center, New York 12733

Fee: $30/session,

$25 for WAPF, Slow Foods,  NOFA and PASA members

Register online: http://upperdelaware-wapf.org


This is the 3rd session of a Traditional Cooking series, sponsored by the Upper Delaware Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation, NOFA-NY, and the Upper-Delaware Chapter of Slow Foods USA. Come learn the basic principles of a healthy diet and build community through potluck meetings and celebrations.


Call for reservations and information

Maria Grimaldi 845-482-4164


Registration is Open Catskill Delaware Permaculture Design Course August 2012

The focus of this year’s 72 hour Catskill Delaware Permaculture Design Certification Course is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculture productivity in the Northeastern portion of the United States. Working with the existing elements of nature, students will learn to develop a long range plan to design a harmonious integration of landscape, human activity and farming using Channery Hill Farm in Callicoon Center New York as a subject.

Guest speakers and instructors will include Andrew Leslie Phillips of Hancock Permaculture and local environmental and sustainable food activists.

Field trips will include an Eco-village,  Jeff Hydro and Apple Pond Farm Solar and Wind Energy Projects as well as local farms and apiaries.

Educational films are shown on Saturday evening after dinner.

Location: Hills Inn and Conference Center, 6 Bethlehem Road, Callicoon Center, New York

Schedule and Content:

August 4 and 5

Introduction to Permaculture Design Concepts. Elements and Methods of Design and Presentation.

Workshop: Critical observations and random assignment of elements to a design Team development and learning to think “out of the box.”

September 8and 9

Patterns of Understanding, Harmonics, Boundaries and Access

Models in nature, Climatic factors, Radiation, Trees and their Energy Transactions. Forest farming and Guilds

Workshop: Client Interview, Analysis of the project. Designing a Guild and applying it to a problem

Sebastian and Kai at Channery Hill

October 6 and 7 Catch and Store

Water, Soil, Energy Harvests and Earth Resources

Workshop: Brainstorming solutions

October 27 and 28

Harvesting from nature. Yields, Balance, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Traditional and New

November 10 and 11

Strategies and plans for personal development and redesigning present systems.

Presentation of Designs————-Presentation of Certificates

Permaculture Design Team Mountain Dell Farm Hancock NY

Weekend Schedule:

Course begins on Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. includes breakfast, lunch and adjourns after dinner at around 8:00 p.m.

Sunday: 8:30a.m.-4 p.m. Includes breakfast and lunch

Cost: Includes all meals, organic, and locally sourced (inform us of any dietary restrictions), snacks, and beverages. $875.00 for NOFA-NY members $975.00 for non-members

Payment schedule is as follows:

$100. non-refundable deposit when application is accepted.

Balance due in three equal payments on or before August 4, October 6 and November 10.

Credit and Debit payments are accepted through Paypal for deposit to hold your place in the course.

Do not hesitate to call Maria 845 482-4164 or email pantherrock@hughes.net for more information and interview before deciding if this is for you.

NOTE:Overnight accommodations are not included, but hightly recommended if you do not live nearby. Hills Inn will provide discount rates for those wishing to stay at the Inn.


You may contact us for other options.






On-Farm Butchering Course for Livestock Farmers and Food Professionals July 2012

Catskill Delaware Permaculture will lead this 3 day Intensive on-farm butchering course, designed for livestock farmers and food professionals who want hands-on butchering experiences on  processing grass-fed beef, lamb and pork. The butchering, processing portion of the course will be led by Mike Hardler in his on-farm butchering facilities and meat shop near Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The Hardler Farm is an excellent example of how a conventional dairy farm successfully diversified into grass-fed livestock production, butchering and marketing of value-added products. In addition to meat production the Hardler Farm maintains  two Raw Milk Licenses for Cow and Goat milk .

 This course is limited to 10 participants to ensure individual attention.

July 16-18, 2012 (arriving evening of July 15 at The Inn at Willow Pond)


Part I Mike Hardler will cover an intensive one day session with individual attention on:

  •  Whole pig, whole lamb or side of beef taken from hanging sides in the Hardler facility. No animals will be slaughtered during this course but humane slaughtering techniques employed at the farm will be discussed.
  • Demonstration of how to break a whole animal or side of beef down into primal and  individual cuts of meat.
  • Explain the different techniques for each type of meat with hands-on experiences.
  • Use and types of professional equipment needed and used in cutting and processing meat.
  • Review of different recommended cooking techniques for each cut and species.
  • Participants will prepare lunch in the farm’s commercial kitchen using locally sourced ingredients including the meat obtained at the farm.
  • Processing of meat into sausage and other value added products through brining and smoking will be included  in the Hardler presentation.


Part II        

George Stang, Conservation specialist and Maria Grimaldi, Permaculture educator will lead the class in:

  • Field walks and discussions in understanding the differences and importance in growing forages that affect  grass-fed livestock and the soil which supports the food chain.
  • Culinary differences in feed-lot raised meat and the impact of the two methods on animal health, human health and the local environment will  be discussed.  Differences in taste and texture of the Heritage breeds raised on the farm will be covered as well.
  • The handling of waste products from slaughter and butchering will be shown as part of the sustainable operations on the Hardler Farm.

The course will include  3 night lodging at The Inn at Willow Pond nearby the Hardler Farm, July 15, 16 and 17 and includes all meals with ingredients sourced from local farms nearby. (We expect many of the participants will enjoy joining in the food preparation.)

Price includes all meals and overnight accommodations

$975.00 for NOFA-NY and PASA members  For non-members $1200.

Follow these links to become members of NOFA-NY and/or PASA

NOFA-NY http://www.nofany.org/join

PASA http://pasafarming.org/get-involved/join

 A $100.00 deposit will hold your place while we review your application. Returned only if you are not accepted in the course. The balance is due June 15, 2012

Please contact Maria Grimaldi 845-482-4164  or email pantherrock@hughes.net  for further information. Remember this is limited to 10 participants. Do not delay in contacting us.





Coming Up Permaculture Design Certification Course 2012 Hancock Permaculture and Catskill Delaware Permaculture

Permaculture is a word coined by Bill Mollison.  Its copyright is vested in the Permaculture Institute which is in Australia. Permaculture Designer or Permaculture Consultants must complete the 72 hour Permacuture Design Course for the purposes of consistant education.

Bill Mollison

Starting in August 2012,  Catskill Delaware Permaculture will conduct the 72 hour Permaculture Design Ceritification Course in Sullivan County, New York. Permaculture Design Students who need to complete hours for Certification may take this course and anyone who paid and missed classes at Hancock Permaculture in 2010-2011 may contact us.

Graduates and past teachers are always welcome to drop in with a small donation for food to share experiences, projects and views with our students.


Permaculture Design Team Mountain Dell Farm Hancock New York

Check our Permaculture Design Page for complete details on the upcoming course!

We Welcome your questions regarding the Course!

email Maria pantherrock@hughes.net