On-Farm Butchering Course for Livestock Farmers and Food Professionals July 2012

Catskill Delaware Permaculture will lead this 3 day Intensive on-farm butchering course, designed for livestock farmers and food professionals who want hands-on butchering experiences on  processing grass-fed beef, lamb and pork. The butchering, processing portion of the course will be led by Mike Hardler in his on-farm butchering facilities and meat shop near Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The Hardler Farm is an excellent example of how a conventional dairy farm successfully diversified into grass-fed livestock production, butchering and marketing of value-added products. In addition to meat production the Hardler Farm maintains  two Raw Milk Licenses for Cow and Goat milk .

 This course is limited to 10 participants to ensure individual attention.

July 16-18, 2012 (arriving evening of July 15 at The Inn at Willow Pond)


Part I Mike Hardler will cover an intensive one day session with individual attention on:

  •  Whole pig, whole lamb or side of beef taken from hanging sides in the Hardler facility. No animals will be slaughtered during this course but humane slaughtering techniques employed at the farm will be discussed.
  • Demonstration of how to break a whole animal or side of beef down into primal and  individual cuts of meat.
  • Explain the different techniques for each type of meat with hands-on experiences.
  • Use and types of professional equipment needed and used in cutting and processing meat.
  • Review of different recommended cooking techniques for each cut and species.
  • Participants will prepare lunch in the farm’s commercial kitchen using locally sourced ingredients including the meat obtained at the farm.
  • Processing of meat into sausage and other value added products through brining and smoking will be included  in the Hardler presentation.


Part II        

George Stang, Conservation specialist and Maria Grimaldi, Permaculture educator will lead the class in:

  • Field walks and discussions in understanding the differences and importance in growing forages that affect  grass-fed livestock and the soil which supports the food chain.
  • Culinary differences in feed-lot raised meat and the impact of the two methods on animal health, human health and the local environment will  be discussed.  Differences in taste and texture of the Heritage breeds raised on the farm will be covered as well.
  • The handling of waste products from slaughter and butchering will be shown as part of the sustainable operations on the Hardler Farm.

The course will include  3 night lodging at The Inn at Willow Pond nearby the Hardler Farm, July 15, 16 and 17 and includes all meals with ingredients sourced from local farms nearby. (We expect many of the participants will enjoy joining in the food preparation.)

Price includes all meals and overnight accommodations

$975.00 for NOFA-NY and PASA members  For non-members $1200.

Follow these links to become members of NOFA-NY and/or PASA

NOFA-NY http://www.nofany.org/join

PASA http://pasafarming.org/get-involved/join

 A $100.00 deposit will hold your place while we review your application. Returned only if you are not accepted in the course. The balance is due June 15, 2012

Please contact Maria Grimaldi 845-482-4164  or email pantherrock@hughes.net  for further information. Remember this is limited to 10 participants. Do not delay in contacting us.





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